22.07.2016 - ISO 9001:2015 Certification

CONZE mastered certification successfully.

In just 12 months, it was possible to establish a standard-compliant quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified by TÜV Rheinland.

The three-day audit has been mastered by the entire team without major and minor nonconformities.

We are pleased that our customers can now rely formally on our high quality standards.



11.02.2014 - Eye control as an interactive interface concept

One look can replace a cursor.

CONZE has recently been busy trying out the Tobii EyeX eye controller. This innovative peripheral was firstly demonstrated at 2013’s CES in Las Vegas, but has only been available for consumers in limited numbers since last autumn.

We were therefore all the happier when CONZE was able to acquire one of these devices and put it through its paces. In the future, innovative eye control will find its way into many products, opening up exciting possibilities in new fields for software developers. CONZE has already completed targeted testing of this interaction technology of the future for a client project.

Sweden’s Tobii Technology is the world’s leading manufacturer of eye-tracking solutions and an expert in technologies which allow computers to precisely track where a user is looking at any given moment.

Comprehensive information on this technology, its functioning and further uses can be found at http://www.tobii.com/en/eye-experience/#.UvNB9va25hE

08.10.2013 - MYO: Let your muscles do the work

CONZE always has one eye on the latest trends and how these can be incorporated into interactive customer experiences.

Set to launch in 2014, the MYO from Thalmic Labs Inc. is a revolutionary gesture controller which uses electrical muscle impulses to control computers, smartphones and other digital devices. The possibilities offered by this technology will eventually replace traditional interaction methods involving keyboards and touchscreens. The use of MYO is connected to devices rather than spaces, and two MYO armbands can be operated in conjunction for complex tasks and a wider range of functions. 

Source: https://www.thalmic.com/myo/

25.03.2013 - CONZE expands premises in Lennestadt

New faculties are now available at the Lennestadt location for the development of a Usability Lab.

CONZE plans to use the expanded premises for the development of a Usability Lab, i.e. a testing environment simulating realistic application conditions in which our staff can try out software on user devices. This means that new concepts are developed on the devices themselves, and not just on a whiteboard. Where required, independent testers can be invited and their interaction with new software monitored. The results then feed directly into products’ further development. 

Alongside the Usability Lab, the new facilities will also house the language and sound development equipment used to create individual signals and melodic alerts for various functions. This will help our sound designers concentrate their efforts when creating new sound compositions for the software.  

We are very excited about these expanded facilities which also offer more space for additional staff wishing to join our team as Software Engineers or Interaction Designers. 

See more on the Usability Lab soon at our website conze.com

27.02.2013 - Innovation Camp produces students‘ app

Four technology-inspired students of the “Maria Königin Gymnasium” develop their own app for the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Find out more conze.com/news/



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