08.01.2020 - CONZE Cup 2020

Women power at the pool table

The lively soundscape falls silent. Eight elegantly dressed ladies enter the "arena". They have a common goal - to knock each other out. They are eight of the best pool billiard players in Germany and compete in the CONZE Cup 2020 in Siegen's City-Galerie. On January 24th and 25th 2020, the female elite of the German billiards sport will compete here for a total prize money of 2,500 €. CONZE Informatik GmbH with locations in Siegen and Lennestadt is the name-giver and main sponsor of the best-endowed women's tournament in Germany.

Concentration and precision
This top-class event is not only known in the region but also beyond its borders. This event radiates a special flair, when the elegant players at the billiard table become tough, sporty competitors with tactical top performance.
"It is something special when eight of Germany's best female billiard players compete here in Siegen in exciting, top-class matches," says Dennis Conze, Managing Director of CONZE Informatik GmbH. "In this respect, billiards and software development are similar. Whoever wants to be successful in sports or in computer science not only has to pursue his goals persistently, but also needs an enormous amount of know-how, concentration and precision. Due to this parallel and our close ties to the region, CONZE Informatik GmbH strongly identifies with the sport of billiards".
The game is not just about fame and glory. The CONZE Cup is the best-endowed women's billiards tournament in Germany, with prize money totalling €2,500. Each player becomes a winner in Siegen, as each of the eight places is awarded a prize: 1st place: € 1,400, 2nd place: € 700, 3rd place: € 300, 4th place: € 100; 5th to 8th place: € 50 City-Galerie voucher.

Global audience
On two tournament days the girls let the balls roll. A total of eight matches of about one hour each will be played. The winner will be determined by a simple knockout system. But the event not only captivates the regional public on site. The Internet channel of the German Olympic Sports Confederation "Sportdeutschland.TV" will broadcast the Siegen competitions via live stream to the whole world.

Phenomenal tricks and masterly presentation
Another highlight will be the trick show by Ralph Eckert. The former trick shot world champion and top trainer will enchant the audience in the City-Galerie with breathtaking art kicks by seemingly overriding the laws of physics. In addition, a professional presenter will captivate the audience with expert, comprehensible explanations and live commentary on the matches. Even billiard amateurs can thus understand the course of the game and follow the individual moves. The matches are played on the professional tournament billiard table "Dynamic III", the choice of the billiard elite at top European tournaments, sponsored by Dynamic Billard.
"We are proud to promote the billiard talents. It is a great pleasure for us to be part of the success of this event by sponsoring it", Dennis Conze concludes his summary of the CONZE Cup 2020.

28.11.2019 - MEDICA 2019

For years MEDICA has been a fixed appointment in the calendar of CONZE Informatik GmbH. In 2019, the CONZE sales team again used the world's leading trade fair for medical technology to find out about the latest trends and technologies, to talk to customers and to network.

As a specialist for intuitive user interfaces (Human Machine Interfaces, HMI), the owner-managed company develops sophisticated medical devices and software systems for the medical technology and healthcare sectors. "We are constantly developing as a company, living the idea of continuous improvement and thereby raising remarkable potential among our customers," says Magnus Theile, Authorized Officer and CTO of CONZE Informatik GmbH. "For us, MEDICA is like a large family reunion with a very intensive exchange of ideas".

CONZE is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and implements according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN 62304, guaranteeing and documenting the highest quality and safety standards in software development. With proven expertise, CONZE solves structural questions of a well thought-out, intelligible information architecture in advance and always keeps an eye on the technical feasibility.

Thanks to years of experience and a high degree of academization, CONZE focuses on technical integration, high performance and robust stability of its solutions. The visionary far-sightedness of the South Westphalian service provider always manages the balancing act between process-critical solutions in medical technology and innovative, creative products. For CONZE, as a "digital workbench" for its clients, it is therefore crucial to be present at the expert meeting point MEDICA and to feel literally the pulse of the industry.

"For us, trustworthy project support within long-term partner relationships has top priority, because this is how we contribute significantly to the international market success of the products of our medical customers," concludes Magnus Theile, summing up this year's MEDICA.

22.10.2019 - What billiards and software development connects

The first team of the billiard club "BC Siegtal 89 e.V." gets sponsored by CONZE Informatik GmbH just in time for the start of the season. But what do billiards and software have in common, one wonders. It's more than you might think at first glance. Concentration and precision are decisive in both billiards and software development in order to convince as a sports team or as a software team.

Founded in 1989, BC Siegtal recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. In the heart of Siegen hobby sportsmen train here beside the Bundesliga players and profit from their know-how. The athletes take part in competitions and championships of the Westfälischer Poolbillard Verband WPBV. In addition, the experienced players support the beginners and teenagers in their trainings.

CONZE sponsors the 1st BC Siegtal with its own jerseys. Just in time for the start of the season, they were used for the first time and promptly helped the first team to two victories in the second Bundesliga. On Sept 28 BC Siegtal won against PBC Wedding Berlin and the following day against SV Motor Babelsberg with 5:3 points each. A successful start into the season.

"With our sporting commitment we want to express our regional solidarity", says Dennis Conze, managing partner of CONZE Informatik GmbH. "Billiards and software development connects more than one thinks. Concentration and precision are important in both. Even if the players play alone at the billiard table or the programmers work for themselves at the computer. In the end the overall result of the team or – as in our field – the developed code counts as a functioning overall performance of the team."

Whether the BC Siegtal team can be promoted back to the first Bundesliga at the end of the season remains exciting. In any case, CONZE is always keeping its fingers crossed for BC Siegtal e.V.!

To BC Siegtal e.V. Website

15.10.2019 - Computer science meets culture!

When computer science meets culture, the result can only be extravagant. In Siegen's Bruchwerk Theater, Samuel Beckett's "Endgame" can now be seen – or more explicitly – experienced. CONZE Informatik GmbH is pleased to support and promote this extraordinary stage play and the young theatre as a production sponsor.

The bluescreen, feared in computer science, is reflected in the play as the fear of the characters of numbness, loneliness and the endgame. In addition to the performance, the exchange with the audience plays a central role. This is where drama between people takes place, when theatremaker and audience move together and together discover new perspectives – polarizing, stimulating and also simply outrageous at times.

Bruchwerk Theater is Siegen's first professional studio stage. Here, a theatre evening is something special, and each performance is accompanied by additional offers with different themes. With a concept that promotes and shapes a strong culture, Bruchwerk wants to create a platform that inspires, delights, occupies and moves.

Until February 2020, the professional studio stage will continue to interpret Beckett's absurd drama in a unique way.

Endspiel @ Bruckwerk Theater (German only)

31.07.2019 - ISO 9001:2015 Recertification

CONZE Informatik GmbH continues its quality claim and received the TÜV certificate ISO 9001:2015 again for the next three years. The certifying body confirmed that CONZE consistently implements the latest process-oriented approaches in all areas of the company.

The company management and employees are self-confidently responsible for the desired results. Every day, they contribute their experience to the continuous optimization and improvement of their processes. CONZE thus remains true to its innovative spirit even at ISO and provides all documentation digitally.

"We are pleased that our customers can also formally rely on our high quality standards," says Dennis Conze, Managing Director of CONZE Informatik GmbH.

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