03.02.2022 - Good things come in threes!

Once again, CONZE Informatik GmbH was honored with the 'Top Employer' award by FOCUS-Business and kununu!

We scored again in the categories of equality, working environment and corporate culture.

Happy about the award and about the feedback from our employees and colleagues,  we will be even more motivated to do even better.

15.02.2021 - Successful launch of pilot project "Meet 'n' match"

Together with the regional marketing team of SĂĽdwestfalen Agentur GmbH, we developed this brand new event series right at the beginning of the year.

Our launch of the "Meet 'n' Match - your door opener to a job in South Westphalia" was a complete success.

Read the Suedwestfalen Agentur's press release about it here (German only).

19.01.2021 - When the new job comes into the living room

With "Meet 'n' Match" the employer applies

Imagine you're a student, sitting comfortably on the sofa, the doorbell rings and your future employer is at the door to apply for a job. "No way!", you think. Yes, there is - with the new series of events "Meet 'n' Match - your door opener to a job in South Westphalia" organised by Suedwestfalen Agentur GmbH. CONZE Informatik GmbH is kicking off this series. As a joint pilot project, the two companies developed this new event format to bring students, graduates and companies together to look for jobs in such extraordinary times.

In sweatpants to the job interview?
If job seekers cannot come to the company for an interview in times of a pandemic, then the company will come to the applicant. Extraordinary situations require extraordinary measures. The regional marketing team of Suedwestfalen Agentur GmbH thought so too and developed the pilot project "Meet 'n' Match - Your door opener to a job in South Westphalia" together with students and CONZE Informatik GmbH.
The aim of Regional Marketing Suedwestfalen is to draw attention to the career prospects in South Westphalia - and, as part of the "Suedwestfalen - Alles echt!" campaign, to show which strong and interesting companies are at home in the region. And this is exactly where the newly developed series of events comes in. "Meet 'n' Match - Your door opener to a job in South Westphalia" is designed to bring students and companies in South Westphalia together in an uncomplicated and exciting way. The format will be launched for the first time on February 10th 2021 with CONZE Informatik GmbH at the Siegen location as the first host in the series. The company is a specialist in medical software engineering and works, for example, on the development of respiratory machines.

Experience ninety opportunity-filled minutes
The 90-minute digital event will take place at CONZE's offices in Siegen and at the same time at the Suedwestfalen Agentur in Olpe and will be broadcast on the job seekers' home PCs.
The event starts with a short round of introductions followed by a live tour within CONZE's modern office. Here, applicants can get a first impression of their future workplace, meet potential colleagues and receive personal tips on the application process. But that's not all: in break-out sessions, working students and "newbies" will be available to answer questions in private. Those who don't like to step in front of the camera can casually confide their personal questions to potential CONZE colleagues in the chat. Those who want to make their chance "safe" right away can meet their new boss directly in the final, optional speed-dating session and, in the best case, leave the event with a new job. Everything digitally and from home - it couldn't be easier!

Pilot project with prospects
Suedwestfalen Agentur GmbH acts as a moderator, driving force and communication amplifier for the region, showing pupils, students and skilled workers the diverse career and life perspectives of South Westphalia. It is supported by the five districts of Olpe, Soest, Siegen-Wittgenstein, Hochsauerlandkreis and Maerkischer Kreis as well as the association "Business for South Westphalia". In the specialist for medical software engineering, the Suedwestfalen Agentur and CONZE Informatik GmbH have found the perfect counterpart for the start of this event series.
So far, the concept has met with great approval from both students and the member companies of the "Business for South Westphalia" association, which support regional marketing - so that a year-round series with different host companies is being planned.

Why choose CONZE
At CONZE, programmers don't just work off code lines, but save human lives under certain circumstances, for example by helping to develop respiratory machines. This gives meaning to what they do, combined with an enormous boost in motivation. Home office and flexitime allow flexible working - especially attractive for parents. A familiar image in video conferences are toddlers in the playpen, who, however, are usually completely uninterested what is happening on the screen. Where do you find something like this in the everyday work of a programmer?
Despite the home office, the team spirit is clearly noticeable here. People help each other, the atmosphere is good, people gamble online with each other during breaks and there is a lot of laughter. This is also evidenced by the above-average employee ratings, which are responsible for CONZE's repeated award as "Top Employer for Medium-Sized Companies" by FOCUS-Business and kununu. CONZE received this award for the second time in a row. On the kununu rating platform, employees even recommend their employer 100 percent - an award that speaks for itself.

Taking part is everything
It's all about being there, and it's easy: until 8th of February, all interested students and job seekers can register at https://link.conze.com/match, log in on 10 th of February and be there live. Those who can't make it on this date will miss out on a great event, but can contact jobs@conze.com and make up for their personal Meet 'n' Match.

07.01.2021 - System-relevant and future-oriented

In its first issue of 2021, the "Wirtschaftsreport" (Economy Report) of the Siegen Chamber of Industry and Commerce IHK reports in detail on CONZE Informatik GmbH. "System-relevant and future-oriented," is how the IHK assesses the innovative, owner-managed company.

"Human lives can depend on the work in our industry. Greatest meticulousness is required at all times," emphasises Magnus Theile, Authorised Officer of CONZE Informatik GmbH.

The company, based in Lennestadt and Siegen, develops user interfaces for sophisticated devices and software systems for customers in medical technology, healthcare and industry. Since its establishment twelve years ago, the company has grown steadily. In the meantime, the workforce has grown to almost 40 people. [...]

Read the complete article online [German only] or download it here [German; 5.1 MB PDF].

27.10.2020 - The fear of paper war

Relief via digital visitor management

2020 is a test for all industries. In addition to strict hygiene requirements, there are also legal requirements for the traceability of the COVID-19 infection chain. The resulting guest and visitor lists increase not only the administrative effort but also the uncertainty regarding DSGVO. With all the bureaucracy, where do companies experience relief and security in the area of visitor management?

The end justifies the means 
Some companies implement the tracking of contact data of their visitors and thus a possible COVID-19 infection chain pragmatically. Careless suppliers, customers, applicants or guests willingly immortalize their most personal data on a notepad. It is (un-) consciously accepted that the virus can leap from one person to another via pen and pad. Quickly, however, a glance at the data of ones predecessor can be thrown over the aforementioned list, and the supplier already knows which competitor has just handed in his offer personally. This gives the impression that in COVID-19-times data breaches are tolerated, if not even accepted.

The use of individual registration forms is a little more secure. But even with these the conditions are strict: proper data collection, concrete purpose limitation, shielding of third party access, sealed storage and compliance with deletion periods. If data protection is violated, companies are threatened with formal warnings at best and fines at worst.

If a company wants to be on the safe side, it should use a data protection-certified, digital visitor management system. Such software is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and relieves its owner of all concerns regarding compliance with data protection regulations. But beware of app or cloud solutions, as these carry the risk of data loss or even hacker attacks. In the cloud, you entrust your data (and thus also your personal data and data that is particularly worthy of protection) to external providers at an unknown storage location. In addition, it is often unclear whether the storage location complies with EU data protection guidelines.

On the safe side
It is advisable to rely on on-premises data storage, i.e. data storage that remains on the computer in use or on the company's own network. In this way, companies ensure their data sovereignty and comply with all data protection regulations at all times. Paperwork and filing systems are moving away from the past in favor of cost and effort reduction.

One such software for digital visitor management is vistrax, the scalable SME complete solution for Microsoft Windows© with GDPR certificate and digital signature. By using a digital visitor book, the collection of customer, guest and visitor data becomes an efficient digitalization push: Guests and visitors are digitally registered, users benefit from a simple and intuitive user guidance and banish queues into the past. Capturing, welcoming, managing, controlling and proving external parties - all in one software for documented, traceable visit processes; paperless and contactless, audit-proof and ready for use in a few hours. Thanks to low license costs, it is a cost-effective investment, because strict health and data protection requirements not only determine the current day-to-day business. 

Certified security to protect personal data
In July of this year vistrax again passed the annual data protection audit by the Siegen data protection professionals of dokuworks GmbH. Among other things, this audit proved and confirmed vistrax' compliance with GDPR and its convincing protection of personal data.

Sven Berger, Senior Consultant for Process and Data Management and Data Protection Officer at dokuworks, is impressed: "As Data Protection Officer, I audit software on its compliance with data protection on a daily basis. And vistrax stands out in particular. The variety of technical refinements is impressive. And the intuitive user guidance is always in the foreground".

vistrax has been successfully established on the market for ten years now. Development, support and training are a product of CONZE Informatik GmbH, specialist for user interface engineering of sophisticated devices and software systems with offices in Lennestadt and Siegen.

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