Here you find the news of the past months in chronological order.

22.07.2016 - ISO 9001:2015 Certification

CONZE mastered certification successfully.

In just 12 months, it was possible to establish a standard-compliant quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified by TÜV Rheinland.

The three-day audit has been mastered by the entire team without major and minor nonconformities.

We are pleased that our customers can now rely formally on our high quality standards.



11.02.2014 - Eye control as an interactive interface concept

One look can replace a cursor.

CONZE has recently been busy trying out the Tobii EyeX eye controller. This innovative peripheral was firstly demonstrated at 2013’s CES in Las Vegas, but has only been available for consumers in limited numbers since last autumn.

We were therefore all the happier when CONZE was able to acquire one of these devices and put it through its paces. In the future, innovative eye control will find its way into many products, opening up exciting possibilities in new fields for software developers. CONZE has already completed targeted testing of this interaction technology of the future for a client project.

Sweden’s Tobii Technology is the world’s leading manufacturer of eye-tracking solutions and an expert in technologies which allow computers to precisely track where a user is looking at any given moment.

Comprehensive information on this technology, its functioning and further uses can be found at http://www.tobii.com/en/eye-experience/#.UvNB9va25hE

08.10.2013 - MYO: Let your muscles do the work

CONZE always has one eye on the latest trends and how these can be incorporated into interactive customer experiences.

Set to launch in 2014, the MYO from Thalmic Labs Inc. is a revolutionary gesture controller which uses electrical muscle impulses to control computers, smartphones and other digital devices. The possibilities offered by this technology will eventually replace traditional interaction methods involving keyboards and touchscreens. The use of MYO is connected to devices rather than spaces, and two MYO armbands can be operated in conjunction for complex tasks and a wider range of functions. 

Source: https://www.thalmic.com/myo/

25.03.2013 - CONZE expands premises in Lennestadt

New faculties are now available at the Lennestadt location for the development of a Usability Lab.

CONZE plans to use the expanded premises for the development of a Usability Lab, i.e. a testing environment simulating realistic application conditions in which our staff can try out software on user devices. This means that new concepts are developed on the devices themselves, and not just on a whiteboard. Where required, independent testers can be invited and their interaction with new software monitored. The results then feed directly into products’ further development. 

Alongside the Usability Lab, the new facilities will also house the language and sound development equipment used to create individual signals and melodic alerts for various functions. This will help our sound designers concentrate their efforts when creating new sound compositions for the software.  

We are very excited about these expanded facilities which also offer more space for additional staff wishing to join our team as Software Engineers or Interaction Designers. 

See more on the Usability Lab soon at our website conze.com

27.02.2013 - Innovation Camp produces students‘ app

Four technology-inspired students of the “Maria Königin Gymnasium” develop their own app for the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Find out more conze.com/news/



27.02.2013 - Leap Motion Controller®

CONZE has already begun testing a gesture controller scheduled for market launch in spring 2013

The touch-free Leap Motion gesture controller enables precise 3D control via finger movements with no contact required. Housed in a small unit located in front of the monitor, the controller allows millimetrically precise control of a computer with the user’s hands. The so-called “Leap” makes this possible by recognizing tiny movements of individual fingers or pens.

The controller is about as large as an Apple iPod® and connects to the computer via USB. It generates an interactive 3D space with a volume of approximately 4 cubic feet in which the user can perform precise interactions with the computer. The Leap claims to be 200 times more accurate than any other touch-free input technology and can track movements of one hundredth of a millimeter, instantly communicating them to the computer.

It is for example possible to scroll a browser up and down using touch-free finger movements, or zoom and rotate content without contact with the screen. This means that the user’s fingers can easily be employed as a mouse.

CONZE was able to try out the Leap Motion controller before its launch this spring and is convinced that the movement sensor will play a significant role on the market in the future.

Source: www.leapmotion.com

27.02.2013 - Trainees develop Windows 8 Apps

Maximilian Bräutigam and Thomas Hellweg from the 9th grade of “Maria Königin Gymnasiusm” pass their 2,5-week internship with CONZE.

Find out more conze.com/news/



18.12.2012 - GUI&DESIGN - We were there!

This year's symposium all around graphic user interfaces in the Microsoft Eco system was a full success for us as a golden partner.

In snow-covered Berlin Magnus Theile (head of R&D) and Dipl. Inform. Andreas Wurm convinced the audience with their professional talks on the subjects „WPF Performance“ and „Memory-Leak Analysis and Removal“. The following conversations revealed the high importance of both subjects to a lot of conference delegates, due to the increased graphic demands, in particular for the development of robust 24/7-GUIs in the industrial environment.

In an enjoyable surrounding we had the opportunity to inform participants about our work at our exhibition stand. Also our competition awoke great interest. Philipp Pelka is the happy winner of the Dr. Dre Beats headphone.

Thank you very much for the amazing and interesting discussions and the nice contacts we were able to make.

It was a great pleasure for us and we are already looking forward to the next GUI&DESIGN 2013.

09.11.2012 - Blue Day in Siegen

Opening event in Siegen was a great success

On Thursday, October 25, 2012 CONZE officially welcomed over 70 guests to the grand opening of the Siegen branch office with the 'Blue Day' theme. After a 'blue champagne toast' CEO Dennis Conze welcomed guests and expressed his gratitude for the high attendance at the first 'Blue Day'. Guests enjoyed molecular cooking, blue beverages and innovative multitouch and motion capture technology.

Together with the CONZE team, guests were able to view the office space as well as test motion capturing with the XBox Kinect or enjoying a game of foosball.

We hope that our guests had as wonderful of a time as we did and we look forward to welcoming many more in our Siegen office.

Congratulations to Dr. Peter Droste, the raffle winner of an Apple iPod Shuffle. A big thank you to our raffle helper Anna Exner, who helped announce the winner of the raffle with the help of our Raffle App.

31.10.2012 - Microsoft Surface with Windows RT

The newest addition to the tablet world has arrived at CONZE.

The Microsoft Surface with Windows RT has made a very positive first impression on our  R&D team. The symbiosis of tablet and notebook offers fascinating possibilities for future Windows 8 apps.

Providing users with a 10.6" 16:9 ClearType HD display (1366x768), 5-finger Multitouch, VaporMg casing, innovative Touch Cover (a combined cover for protection and keyboard) and Kickstand are only a few of the features available with the new Microsoft Surface. Microsoft's addition of a full-sized USB 2.0, micro-HDMI connector and microSDXC port allows for essentially limitless accessories and limitless expandable storage.

Microsoft is successfully repurposed the Surface name to establish itself in the tablet market among the top tablet manufacturers.

Contact us for more information regarding the Microsoft Surface with Windows RT or to schedule an appointment to see with the newest tablet on the market has to offer.

Source: http://www.microsoft.com/Surface.

31.10.2012 - GUI&Design 2012

Second Lecture and Discounted Tickets

We are proud to announce that our CEO Dennis Conze will also be presenting a lecture at the GUI&Design Conference.

During his lecture "Design First: Smart Medical Software", participants will learn more about how medical software with distinct design standards are implemented into Microsoft Eco-systems and why planning for a comprehensive design process at the beginning of a project is critical to it's success.

Participants who register for the GUI&Design Conference through CONZE, prior to December 5, 2012, will also receive promotion code for a 150€ discount on regularly priced tickets.

If you are interested to receive the discount, please contact us directly at info@conze.com.

For more information: http://www.gui-design.ppedv.de.

05.10.2012 - Lecture GUI&Design 2012

As already announced we will be present as gold sponsor at the “GUI&Design” conference in Berlin on 11 and 12 December 2012.

All the more we are looking forward to being a part of the more than 25 fascinating lectures in the field of research, practice and tools related to graphical user interfaces.

Magnus Theile, Head of Research & Development at CONZE will be giving a lecture about “the last 10% to product - perfomance & co. in WPF" on 11 December, from 13:35 to 14:35.

Feel free to join us at the conference!

For more information check: http://www.gui-design.ppedv.de/sessions.aspx

Source: http://www.gui-design.ppedv.de/

02.10.2012 - Manager of the Year

For a quick insight to CONZE Informatik check out this video presented at the Manager of the Year Awards in Siegen last week.




28.09.2012 - CEO Dennis Conze named Manager of the Year 2012

The regional business magazine, Südwestfalen Manager, nominated three regional managers for the Manager of the Year 2012 award.

On Wednesday, September 26, 2012, Dennis Conze was announced as Manager of the Year at the Apollo Theatre in Siegen.
An independent jury consisting of ten high level representatives of regional businesses, chose Conze for this honor. Conze as Manager of the Year, found the jury, embodies southern Westphalian values.
"He could have just as easily taken his business idea to a big city, where the industry in which he is active, would have been more at home. Instead he made the conscious decision to come back to his roots and give back to the community. This was a decisive factor for the jury's decision" said presenter Johannes Vogel, Member of the German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) for election district Olpe/Märkischer Kreis I and spokesperson for labor market policies of the FDP Parliamentary Group.
Congratulations to Dennis Conze for receiving this honor.

Source: http://www.manager-des-jahres.org
Photo: Christoph Meinschäfer Fotografie

12.09.2012 - Usability Roundtable

CONZE takes part in Usability Roundtable


On September 4, 2012 CONZE took part in the Usability Roundtable in Siegen. Always on the lookout for new cooperations we enjoyed spending the evening with likeminded professionals and students.

The Usability Roundtable in Siegen is organized by the University of Siegen, allowing people interested in Usability and Media Design a forum to exchange information regarding Usability issues and regional cooperation possibilities.

Professor Volker Pipek lead the Roundtable addressing topics from Traceability in User Interface Engineering to Intelligent Software Agents at the Gartenhaus in Siegen.


12.09.2012 - CONZE sponsors SSV Elspe

For the 2012-2013 Season, CONZE is sponsoring SSV Elspe Soccer Club in Elspe, Germany. The F-Youth teams, F1 and F2, received new sponsored jerseys for the upcoming season. We wish all 20 players, ages 7-8, the best for the upcoming season!

Check out the SSV Elspe website for more information regarding the club: 


07.09.2012 - CONZE at the 5th Annual Südwestfalentag

On September 1, 2012, CONZE took part in the annual Südwestfalentag, organized by the Südwestfalen Agentur, in Olpe.

CONZE provided the Südwestfalen Agentur with a multitouch app on our FlatFrog Multitouch 3200. The multitouch app allowed the Südwestfalen Agentur to present a raffle contest as well as further information regarding ongoing projects and their regional initiative.
Check out the Südwestfalen Agentur website for more information:

24.08.2012 - GUI&Design 2012

CONZE as Gold Sponsor at GUI&Design 2012

We are excited to announce our Gold Sponsorship for the GUI&Design Conference to be held on 11. - 12. December 2012 in Berlin.
This year's focus on Industrial Software Design, allows innovative developers and project leaders to broaden their horizons with a wide range of workshops and presentations.
Presentation topics ranging from User Interface oriented Software Architecture to Human Centered Design, Usability to Interaction Design will provide attendees with valuable information for the newest trends in the industry.
Feel free to contact us for more information regarding our presence and presentations at the GUI&Design Conference.

Source: www.gui-design.ppedv.de

17.08.2012 - FlatFrog Multitouch 3200

First FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 sold in Germany

In the continuous search for new technologies in multitouch displays, we were immediately intrigued by the FlatFrog Multitouch 3200. The FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 is produced by FlatFrog Laboratories AB, a Swedish developer of world leading multitouch technology.
The FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 is unparalleled in its performance due to the advanced Planar Scatter Detection (PSD). The PSD technology proves very reliable with 400+ DPI accuracy, low jitter, the ability to recognize 40 simultaneous touchpoints and a 6.5 millisecond response time.
The FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 differs compared to other multitouch options, as it does not allow for tag recognition. However, the resistance to varying light environments and independence of choosing an operating system without the installation of additional drivers (Mac OS X, Windows 7 or 8, Linux and Android) are major advantages to working with the FlatFrog Multitouch 3200.
Contact us for more information regarding the FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 or to schedule an appointment to experience what the FlatFrog Multitouch 3200 has to offer.

Source: www.flatfrog.com

26.07.2012 - Innovationscamp AG

CONZE works together with local students

In the Fall of 2011, CONZE began working closely with a group of local students from Maria Königin Gymnasium to expose students to the world of software engineering and graphic design.
In the last 9 months these students have experienced the process of creating, developing and completing a mini-project in our field of work.
Due to the success of the cooperation with the school and the students, CONZE is recruiting students to join the "Innovationscamp AG" in the Fall semester.
If you would like more information regarding "Innovationscamp AG", please contact us at info@conze.com.