Parallel Programming

What makes your computer faster? One approach is to implement simultaneous processing rather than linear processing using high-performance graphics processor units (GPU). At CONZE we have developed technologies to simultaneously use the central resources (CPU and GPU). This results in significant performance improvements for graphic-intensive applications.

3D-Rendering and -Engines

An important aspect for many of our projects is the ability to present realistic 3D images. We focus on the perfect simulation of shading, whose representation is computationally intensive. This is another opportunity to increase computing speeds by outsourcing the processing to the GPU (see Parallel Programming).

Thinking Ahead:
The Technology Lab

Everyone knows how quickly IT evolves. This is especially true for interfaces between man and machines. Consider, for example, that touch-screen or voice and gesture controls have only recently become publicly available. In order to offer the newest technologies to our customers, we have created our Technology Lab. The Lab allows us to research new technologies independently of our current client projects. Once these technologies have been successfully evaluated, we are able to provide additional services to our clients.