User Interface Engineering

User Interfaces must be capable of more than just looking good. Our team developed from the disciplines of Interaction Design, Interface Design, Icon Design and Audio Design provide a coherent overall concept for your User Interface. Our team's technological know-how guarantees a seamless integration with existing applications.

Software Engineering

For Software Engineering, we conceptualize the architecture of applications and implement all necessary software components - from the business logic to the User Interface. In addition to agile, customer-oriented processes, our strength lies in the seamless integration with existing software architecture.

We use the following technologies: C#, .NET with UWP / WPF / WCF / WF, C++ / MFC, DirectX, OpenGL, Qt, Unity 3D and Unreal Engine.

Interaction Design

How do we increase the optimization of the software interaction? Before we begin developing the software, our Usability Experts create a concept for the User Interface, which is carefully tested down to the last detail for consistency and applicability.

Interface Design

Excellent interface design supports quick and intuitive operation of software. A unique and detail-rich look can further enhance software applications. Our interdisciplinary approach creates the best possible conditions for both.

Icon Design

Precise visualization of complex functions in the smallest possible space is an absolute necessity for intuitive user interfaces. The ability to quickly identify a software application’s functions boosts productivity and speeds up navigation. Costumized Icons also create an attractive and contemporary visual environment and reflect the high quality and individuality of software products. The result is a distinctive and instantly recognizable interface whose positive impact on a product’s brand perception translates to real success on the market.

We combine attractive design with sophisticated technology

There are many Interface Designers, but few with comparable technical competence. Our multidisciplinary team of 30 developers, designers and usability experts develop User Interfaces with attractive graphic design and perfect integration with existing software environments.

Advantage through mobility

Ergonomics can be a major asset in gaining marketshare. But what good is an intuitive interface, if it is difficult to implement? We focus our development efforts on communicating efficiently and using agile methods to meet the needs of our customers. This allows us to keep product development and GUI design in the forefront.

Perfect in every detail

A unique look and feel improves the image and simplifies operation. We develop every aspect of software applications from the prototyping to the screen design to individual icons for a consistent, detailed design concept, that is accurately documented in Style Guides.

Focusing on the essentials

Working with CONZE allows you to focus on your core business: the development of your product and its software. Your software's User Interface Design and its technical integration will not require any additional internal resources. We make this possible for you - complete service from a single source.

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