We know our strengths and are aware of our limits. That's why we use a network of experts with whom we have long-standing business relationships and whose quality we are convinced of.

It is important to identify the right partners and build a trusting and collaborative relationship to achieve long-term success. By working with partners, we can share resources such as expertise, skills and technologies. We complement each other and create synergies. By combining our strengths, we can work together to develop innovative products and services that might not be achieved alone. This leads to a win-win situation where our customers also benefit from the collaboration.


Toradex AG is a leading global B2B provider of modular computing platforms, so-called Computer-on-Modules (CoM) / System-on-Modules (SoM), which are currently based on Arm-System-on-Chips (SoC).

We cooperate in various development projects for medical devices and use the "Torizon" platform as well as the embedded Linux Os "yocto".


GLYN GmbH & Co. KG is a distributor for electronic components and display system solutions from leading semiconductor manufacturers.

Together we are involved in various projects for the market development of "Smart Embedded Displays", especially based on the microcontroller platform "STM32" with arm® Cortex®-M7.


The Japanese company Wacom is a manufacturer of pen-like input devices for computers and graphics tablets.

We use Wacom input devices in our development projects to capture digital signatures.


Werk-m is a design agency providing product design solutions for the healthcare, the industrial and the consumer market. Werk-m has a strong focus on the healthcare market, especially the medical and the laboratory business segment.

In cooperation projects WERK-m delivers the product design and the interface design. We implement the user interface of the respective software.

ensun is a leading B2B search engine for identifying global suppliers. The focus is particularly on innovative technologies, products and services.

We use to present our own product portfolio and research global development partners.


KENBUN IT AG is an expert in Large Language Models (LLM), digital voice systems, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The expertise lies in developing custom and precise AI voice systems that can also run on-premises.

We ensure that AI voice systems are seamlessly integrated into customer systems.