We are happy to advise you on the best technology for your project. Regularly we observe the current technology trends, especially in the environment of UX & GUI. For this purpose, we use Gartner's hype cycle methodology, among others, to evaluate the maturity level. In addition, we constantly educate our staff in the regulatory environment. New GUI technologies are evaluated internally by developing our own prototypes.


Do foreign brooms sweep better? Definitely not. But sometimes it still helps to have another professional look from the outside. As a sparring partner, we advise you with our user interface know-how - always on an eye-to-eye level with you and your developers.

With our good insight into emerging and state-of-the-art technologies, we take into account the existing competencies of your employees and also enable on-the-job training.

Cloud Transformation

Technological paradigm shifts, the digital transformation, and the expectations of customers and users are putting many a desktop product to the test. If this does not stand up to comparison with a cloud solution, a transformation of the product to the cloud is necessary. 

This complex process requires migration/separation from monolithic software to backend/frontend systems with implementation of performant services/APIs.

We assist you in the design, software architecture and implementation of cloud solutions and cloud frontends.

Design Thinking

Are you short of ideas? The creative problem-solving approach Design Thinking aims at systematically developing human-centered solutions for complex problems. It is a method that calls for an open, collaborative and iterative way of working. It focuses on the importance of the user or customer and understanding their needs and problems.

Together with our clients we apply the methods of Design Thinking in the context of product development and innovation management: Understand - Observe - Define - Develop Ideas - Prototyping & Testing

Design Management

You want to start the new or further development of your product, but you lack the time to control and steer the content of the project? We take care of that for you. Our project managers know the daily balancing act between time, cost and quality management. 

We take a holistic approach to your HMI project, service provider selection and quality assurance, and ensure communication and quality with all parties involved. Through our good network, we offer access to other well-established experts. 

Code & GUI Reviews

Your software crashes frequently and is also very slow to use? You are unsure how good the current source code really is, whether the software architecture fits and the GUI was developed optimally?

Grown software systems often no longer form a reliable basis for professional further development. Therefore, code and GUI reviews should be performed regularly to check the quality of the software project, especially to evaluate user-friendliness, readability of source code, efficiency, robustness and bug-free operation. We are happy to do this for you!


Our team is here to accompany you in reaching your goals and turning your visions into reality. With our customized solutions and expertise, we help you enhance your success. Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you further.

CONZE CTO Magnus Theile
Magnus Theile
CONZE CEO Dennis Conze
Dennis Conze