As GUI experts, we focus on the optimal implementation of UI concepts and visual designs. If required, we implement all necessary software components, from the user interface to the interface connection to the backend. If desired, we can take over the development of the entire software.

Cloud Frontends

We implement your platform-independent cloud frontends according to design concepts for web, desktop and mobile use. 

Modern cloud applications require modern frameworks. We complement this with the DASPA framework, which we developed specifically for stability and robustness. Due to low initial efforts, MVP's can be generated quickly, which can be tested for market acceptance before lengthy development cycles are started. 

Decisions on applications, migrations or new developments can thus be made on the basis of a quickly available and calculable feasibility.

Desktop Software GUI

Many years of experience in the Microsoft Windows platform make us specialists in the development of desktop software. Especially in highly regulated or security-critical environments, desktop software products enable high-performance and robust operation. 

We support you during requirements analysis, design, architecture and implementation. For deployment, we create installation utilities or prebuilt images that ensure operation on your relevant operating systems.

Embedded Device GUI

We know the HMI challenges that embedded devices bring. The cost-saving displays integrate seamlessly into the device. However, it takes many years of experience to realize a smooth and performant display of sophisticated user interfaces on embedded hardware. With custom-build Linux images we make slim operating systems even slimmer.

We get the last out of low-power embedded devices.

Custom GUI Controls

The requirements for modern software products are becoming increasingly complex. Thus, the standard GUI controls supplied with the programming environment cannot always cover the most intuitive and fluid operation possible or do not meet the desired look & feel.

We develop individual, robust and high-performance GUI custom controls exactly for your needs.

Migration of old GUI technology

Every 5 - 10 years it's time to upgrade your frontend technologies to the latest state of the art. You want to give your product an upgrade and technological progress? This includes the modernization of the user interface.

We guide you through this process, select the appropriate technology with you and implement the migration for you.

GUI Performance Optimization

No matter how good the features of a product are - if it is lacking in performance, you still don't like to use it. 

We know the performance killers and ensure that your software runs smoothly by analyzing memory leaks, access times, latencies, interfaces and bottlenecks. 

Automated GUI Tests

Save valuable development time and resources! Instead of continuously performing manual tests to ensure the quality and functionality of your user interface, you can delegate this task to an automated system. This allows your team to focus on development. At the same time, automated GUI tests increase the reliability of your software. Human errors can lead to unwanted bugs in the software. However, automated GUI testing allows you to achieve high precision and ensure that every feature of your software does exactly what it's supposed to.

Adapted to your processes and tools, we set up a GUI testing framework that is customized to your needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become essential in all high-tech industries, such as the MedTech world. Sophisticated AI models are increasingly replacing logic-based algorithms. However, this is only possible if incredibly large amounts of data are available with which to train the neural networks. For example, AI models already exist for the early diagnosis of various types of cancer, such as skin cancer or blood cancer. The anonymous data, like CT/MRI image data or blood analyses with cancer markers, will be collected in hospitals, among other places.

A major challenge is to deal efficiently with large amounts of data in the HMI. Together with AI specialists and hardware experts, we develop the appropriate GUI controls for AI-based software and mobile apps.

Mobile Apps

We enable fast and cost-saving development through platform-independent frontend technologies. Either as a standalone app (Google Android, Apple iOS) or as a cloud frontend. 

Among other things, minimal viable products (MVP's) can be generated quickly and cost-effectively, which can be tested for market acceptance before lengthy development cycles are started.


Our team is here to accompany you in reaching your goals and turning your visions into reality. With our customized solutions and expertise, we help you enhance your success. Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you further.

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Thomas Bollmann
New Business Manager
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