On Friday, August 4, 2023, our annual team event took place.

It started with an entertaining afternoon in Siegen's Oberstadt in the event location "Bash Boom Bang". The evening started there with group games among the employees in the style of "Schlag den Star" (Beat the Star). Divided into two teams, they fought for the highest possible score at individual stations. In the end, only one team was to be chosen as the winner. With skill, reaction speed and good communication among each other, the individual employees were able to measure themselves in competitive games. Of course, fun was not to be neglected and there was a lot of laughing, fighting and chatting. In the end, after numerous rounds of games, the winner was determined with a close result.

But the evening was not over yet and the management invited the staff to the Cafe del Sol so that we could all regain our strength after the competitions. We ended the evening in a cozy atmosphere with food and drink.