At this year's MEDICA, which took place from November 13 to 16, 2023, over 83,000 visitors came to find out about the latest innovations and trends in the fields of medical technology, healthcare, pharmacy, rehabilitation and nursing. The importance of the trade fair was underpinned by numerous presentations and forums, where a lively exchange of knowledge took place among trade visitors.

MEDICA was characterized by pioneering solutions that are driving the digital transformation in the healthcare sector. From telemedicine and digital health and care applications (DiGA/DiPA) to electronic patient files - the focus was on digital innovations. AI-driven diagnostic and analysis tools were presented as a key topic. The integration of big data to improve patient care and develop personalized treatment approaches was a central point of discussion. The trade fair showcased impressive advances in medical technology. From robot-controlled surgical systems to innovative imaging procedures, there were numerous presentations that will shape the future of medical care. The trade fair promoted the exchange between different disciplines in the healthcare sector. From doctors and researchers to technology experts, it provided a platform for interdisciplinary discussions and cooperation.

CONZE presented numerous use cases for embedded devices with high-performance user interfaces and cross-platform software architecture.

With our extensive expertise in medical software development, we were able to position ourselves perfectly. Due to the numerous exhibits, our expertise was perceived positively, so that we were able to hold numerous discussions.

We were able to present the medical device of a long-standing dental technology customer to the public for the first time. As our customer's extended workbench, we helped to transform the desktop software into a cloud application and enable a direct, hardware-independent connection between doctors and laboratories for data exchange.

With DASPA, a self-developed application framework with a focus on cost-effective and quickly developable prototypes (MVP), we demonstrated the flexibility and performance on embedded devices with two demo applications.

Thomas Bollmann, New Business Manager at CONZE, gave a specialist presentation on the topic of "Selecting the right HMI/GUI framework for software in a medical context" at the COMPAMED forum and on the stage of the joint stand of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The presentation focused on our core competence. You are welcome to watch the presentation again on  YouTube .

MEDICA 2023 was therefore not only a showcase for innovative technologies, but also a forum for groundbreaking discussions about the future of medicine. The solutions presented promise to improve patient care and lead the industry into an exciting new era.