This year, we are once again committed to helping those who have to overcome special challenges. Our company is supporting the "" association, which has set itself the task of fulfilling the heart's desire of children suffering from cancer.

We realize that the holidays are a time of joy and reflection for many families. Unfortunately there are children who face health challenges during this time. By supporting the "" association, we want to help put a smile on the faces of these children despite their difficult situation and fulfill their heartfelt wishes.

During a hospital stay, many everyday things are ignored and families often feel exhausted under the heavy weight of the illness. Siblings often fade into the background during their brother's or sister's illness, and numerous questions and requests for variety arise.

This is where "" is particularly active. An important part of the activities of the "" association are the vacation homes in "Rabaukenland" in the heart of the Sauerland. Here, families who have had to forego vacations in recent years due to stress have the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing stay in the midst of nature without the need for lengthy advance planning.

The association also supports other heartfelt wishes, including the opportunity to go on trips to Disneyland to take your mind off the illness. Even if we can't give the gift of health, we still want to give a little joy of life. For us and the "" association, the most important thing is to see a sparkle in the eyes of children and families.

We would like to thank all our customers, business partners and employees for their cooperation over the past year. Your loyalty and support enable us not only to be economically successful, but also to assume social responsibility.

We wish you and your loved ones a relaxing holiday season and a successful start to 2024!