Design and development of a mobile app for custom horse blankets from Royal Blankets.

HelvetiTex – Royal Blankets App

  • HelvetiTex GmbH is a startup from Switzerland dedicated to the innovative and sustainable production of textiles
  • Under the brand "Royal Blankets", high-quality and sustainable horse blankets are marketed, which are individually and computer-assisted made to measure. This is a novelty in the market and prevents the animals from being injured e.g. by abrasions
  • To record the necessary horse measurements, CONZE developed a cross-platform mobile app for iOS and Android that guides the user step-by-step through an intuitive process using instructional videos
  • For order processing, the collected data is automatically transferred to an online store (Shopify)


  • Responsive UI design in portrait and landscape mode
  • Management of various horses
  • Use even without Internet (offline)
  • Integration of explanatory videos
  • Multi-language


  • Cross-platform development based on the UI framework Flutter
  • Link to Shopify via GraphQL API and JSON format


  • 1 UX Designer / Usability Engineer
  • 1 Flutter Developer


HelvetiTex GmbH – Swiss Textile Technologies