01.07.2020 - Virtual meetings, online gambling and virtual runs

CONZE's team "Laufzeitfehler" is in the starting block

No other sports event in the Siegen-Wittgenstein district is as popular as the Siegerland AOK company run. In 2020, COVID-19 and the associated ban on major events will demand a great deal of creativity from its organiser :anlauf Siegen. This year, the 17th run will take place virtually for the first time. CONZE Informatik GmbH, as an established software company, lives out its team spirit in the virtual world and sends its motivated team "runtime error" to the start.

Everything as always - only different

In the new format, the Siegen company runners complete the 5.5 km distance between June 23 and July 10 wherever and whenever they want, stop their personal time and hand it over their team leader for reporting. A welcome and familiar playground for the CONZE Informatik GmbH team "Laufzeitfehler", German for "runtime error": Already since March, the employees have been working in their home offices and thus online and remote. A virtual company run is therefore only a logical consequence for the "Laufzeitfehler". "Especially now, the feeling of belonging is particularly important. Shared experiences strengthen the sense of belonging", says Melanie Richter, Event Manager and sports team leader at CONZE. "In addition, we balance our work life, home office and video conference time with sports. This is important and we pay attention to that".

Virtual meetings are followed by virtual runs
The "Laufzeitfehler" team started its preparations as early as February, before the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly tore it out of its beloved training routine. The team showed creativity and motivation, and immediately swopped their plans. During the day, people met in the home office for virtual team meetings, and during the breaks they played online games against each other. After work, the team kept "running" and competed with each other in the company chat to compare results. The proof - an established software company lives out its team spirit in the virtual world.

Promoting regional economy and health
Unfortunately, many companies within the Siegerland withdrew their company registration due to the pandemic. But in difficult times, we have to stick together. That is why CONZE continues to both support this regional event as well as the health of its employees. Health promotion is a top priority at CONZE. The owner-managed company supports the health awareness of its employees, among other things, through health prevention contribution. By submitting the winning certificate, employees can also take advantage of their health insurance premium programmes. 

Proverbially well positioned
After the run is before the run. Since anticipation is the best form of joy, the company runners are already looking forward to the official award ceremony in autumn 2020 - if it will hopefully take place. CONZE is already well positioned, as the company race organizer has assured all participants one of the popular and limited pole positions for the year 2021. Another reason to look forward to what is coming.

17.06.2020 - Constant look ahead - despite COVID-19

Literally healthy growing markets medical technology and healthcare

According to the latest economic survey by the Siegen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK), only 15 percent of the 600 regional companies surveyed are currently looking ahaed to the future. One of them is CONZE Informatik GmbH. Thanks to its strong positioning in the medical technology and healthcare sector, the company has recorded solid developments at its Siegen and Lennestadt locations even in corona times. Focusing on medical technology as well as established home office and IT concepts enable the software manufacturer to achieve satisfactory operating results – also for its employees.

Growth markets medical technology and healthcare
Of all the scientific and technical areas of software engineering, none has been in such demand in recent weeks as that of medical technology. German medical technology is internationally competitive not only because of high export rates. High innovation rates and steadily expanding demands offer favourable potentials regarding growth and employment. Companies in this sector pursue technology-oriented solutions and strategies instead of acting purely cost-oriented. Growth and profitability rest on a foundation of innovation and quality. That's why CONZE's positioning in medical and healthcare sector is a future-proof investment concept with conservative growth potential. Especially being effective in the current situation.

Solid development with a view of the future
The early and seamless switch to home office and virtual consulting proved being a clever move by the CONZE management to be able to be there for the customers with all its strength. "We make our complete range of services available to customers at all times without restriction," says Dennis Conze, managing partner of CONZE Informatik GmbH. "Measured against the general conditions caused by the worldwide corona crisis, our development remains solid", adds Magnus Theile, Authorized Officer and CTO. "Our business' stability shows that we are able to continue the positive trend of the past years".

Pioneer of the right to a home office
Long before the idea of the right to home office, this was already a handy practice at CONZE. Established and proven working time and IT concepts made it possible for employees to immediately move to their home offices. The CONZE employer brand has always paid special attention to the individual needs of its employees. These include sophisticated IT infrastructure models, which include fast VPN connections to the company network, versatile collaboration tools and web conferencing. But CONZE also pays great attention to the personal situation of its employees. For this reason, flexible working time models for employees, which adapt to their work-life balance as well as to the individual care situation of children or relatives, are proving particularly effective at the moment.

Room for sophisticated hygiene concepts

Generously dimensioned space allows the specially developed hygiene concept for the branches in Lennestadt and Siegen to be easily implemented. The Siegen location spreads over three floors in the heart of the city. The return to the Siegen office is currently left to the decision of the employees - depending on their individual situation. With these proven concepts and the solidly implemented basis, CONZE sees itself well positioned to decisively take advantage of the opportunities currently offered by the medical technology market.

08.04.2020 - We master the challenge

We master the challenge of guaranteeing optimum health protection for our employees and our usual top efficiency as a software engineering professional very elegantly thanks to our good preparation.

We actively help in the fight against COVID-19 by developing, among other things, respirators with leading medical manufacturers. All our employees are on duty for you every day during the usual office hours. We network  perfectly with each other via VPN connections and collaboration tools - not only since COVID-19. You can reach us under the known phone numbers. For visits and appointments we meet you and us via video call of course.

We think positively and therefore already about the upturn: Do not hesitate to contact us, we'd love to support you actively!

By the way, fortunately, home office has always been a vivid part of our work-life balance not only since COVID-19. Even during lunch breaks we are now gambling with each other online.

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29.01.2020 - CONZE is „Top Employer 2020“

The business magazine FOCUS-BUSINESS and the evaluation platform kununu.com rank CONZE Informatik GmbH among the best medium-sized employers in the category EDP and IT. The North Rhine-Westphalian IT company concentrates on the medical sector – an industry with enormous future potential. CONZE will continue its expansion course in 2020 and would like to bring more employees on board with this award.

FOCUS-BUSINESS and kununu have chosen
CONZE Informatik GmbH is one of the top employers 2020 of medium-sized companies in the category EDP and IT. This is the result of an independent study conducted by the business magazine FOCUS-BUSINESS in cooperation with the platform kununu.com, the largest employer evaluation portal in Europe. Over 900,000 companies with a number of employees between 11 and 500 were evaluated. In addition, there were around four million applicants and employee reviews of the kununu portal. Due to their above-average ratings, CONZE was able to position itself at the top. "This is an incentive for us to constantly work on a high motivation of our employees," says Dennis Conze, managing partner of CONZE Informatik GmbH, delighted about this award.

Medical – industry with future potential
As a specialist for user interface engineering, CONZE Informatik GmbH develops intuitive user interfaces (Human Machine Interfaces; HMI) for sophisticated devices and software systems. The focus lies in the areas of medical technology and healthcare. These industries have enormous future potential. As a cooperation partner of the University of Siegen, CONZE also actively involves in the research of the chairs of Life Sciences, Medical Informatics and Human Computer Interaction. In this way, the renowned IT company is expanding its international research character and knowledge flow in the long term. CONZE's interdisciplinary 40-member team at the Lennestadt and Siegen locations therefore knows what is important when complex hardware needs to be controlled by software.

A signet filled with life
From the employees' point of view, the award is more than just a signet on a piece of paper. Interesting tasks, good career opportunities, flexible working hours, further training opportunities, independent work and a high degree of personal responsibility are the basis for the above-average recommendation rate of the employees. Further plus points are added by benefits such as home office, retirement provisions, massage and preventive health offered at company rates, free mineral water, caffeine flat rate, fruit buffet, team events and a table football. And CONZE offers all of this with ideal public transport connections in the heart of Siegen as well as in Lennestadt.

CONZE continues its expansion course
"We are very pleased about this award", summarizes Magnus Theile, Authorized Officer and CTO of CONZE Informatik GmbH. "You can sense that the atmosphere in the company is extremely good and that the employees are satisfied. We want to continue to grow in 2020 and attract new employees. The award will make us more interesting again for potential applicants".

In addition to experienced professionals with special expertise, CONZE is also looking for juniors, career changers, nerds, graduates, young talents and students in permanent employment or on a freelance basis. Motivation and the ability to familiarise oneself with new tasks and technologies are more important than already existing specialist knowledge. It is worth taking a look at the current job offer at conze.com/jobs/

08.01.2020 - CONZE Cup 2020

Women power at the pool table

The lively soundscape falls silent. Eight elegantly dressed ladies enter the "arena". They have a common goal - to knock each other out. They are eight of the best pool billiard players in Germany and compete in the CONZE Cup 2020 in Siegen's City-Galerie. On January 24th and 25th 2020, the female elite of the German billiards sport will compete here for a total prize money of 2,500 €. CONZE Informatik GmbH with locations in Siegen and Lennestadt is the name-giver and main sponsor of the best-endowed women's tournament in Germany.

Concentration and precision
This top-class event is not only known in the region but also beyond its borders. This event radiates a special flair, when the elegant players at the billiard table become tough, sporty competitors with tactical top performance.
"It is something special when eight of Germany's best female billiard players compete here in Siegen in exciting, top-class matches," says Dennis Conze, Managing Director of CONZE Informatik GmbH. "In this respect, billiards and software development are similar. Whoever wants to be successful in sports or in computer science not only has to pursue his goals persistently, but also needs an enormous amount of know-how, concentration and precision. Due to this parallel and our close ties to the region, CONZE Informatik GmbH strongly identifies with the sport of billiards".
The game is not just about fame and glory. The CONZE Cup is the best-endowed women's billiards tournament in Germany, with prize money totalling €2,500. Each player becomes a winner in Siegen, as each of the eight places is awarded a prize: 1st place: € 1,400, 2nd place: € 700, 3rd place: € 300, 4th place: € 100; 5th to 8th place: € 50 City-Galerie voucher.

Global audience
On two tournament days the girls let the balls roll. A total of eight matches of about one hour each will be played. The winner will be determined by a simple knockout system. But the event not only captivates the regional public on site. The Internet channel of the German Olympic Sports Confederation "Sportdeutschland.TV" will broadcast the Siegen competitions via live stream to the whole world.

Phenomenal tricks and masterly presentation
Another highlight will be the trick show by Ralph Eckert. The former trick shot world champion and top trainer will enchant the audience in the City-Galerie with breathtaking art kicks by seemingly overriding the laws of physics. In addition, a professional presenter will captivate the audience with expert, comprehensible explanations and live commentary on the matches. Even billiard amateurs can thus understand the course of the game and follow the individual moves. The matches are played on the professional tournament billiard table "Dynamic III", the choice of the billiard elite at top European tournaments, sponsored by Dynamic Billard.
"We are proud to promote the billiard talents. It is a great pleasure for us to be part of the success of this event by sponsoring it", Dennis Conze concludes his summary of the CONZE Cup 2020.

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