Women's power at the billiard table

The lively background noise falls silent. Eight elegantly dressed ladies enter the "arena". They have a common goal - to knock each other out. They are eight of the best female pool players in Germany. They will compete against each other in the CONZE Cup 2020 in Siegen's City-Galerie. On 24 and 25 January 2020, the female elite of German billiards will compete for a total of € 2,500 in prize money. The name giver and main sponsor of Germany's best-funded women's tournament is CONZE Informatik GmbH with locations in Siegen and Lennestadt.

Concentration and precision
This top-class event is not only known in the region, but also beyond its borders. This event exudes a special flair when the elegant players at the billiard table become tough, sporty competitors with top tactical performance.
"It is really something special when eight of the best female billiards players in Germany compete against each other here in Siegen in exciting, high-class matches," says Dennis Conze, Managing Partner of CONZE Informatik GmbH. "In this respect, billiards and software development are similar. If you want to be successful in sport or in computer science, you not only have to pursue your goals tenaciously, but you also need an enormous amount of know-how, concentration and precision. Because of this parallel and our close ties to the region, CONZE Informatik GmbH strongly identifies with the sport of billiards."
It is not only glory and honour that are played for. The CONZE Cup is the best-funded women's billiards tournament in Germany, with prize money totalling €2,500. Every player will be a winner in Siegen, because each of the eight places has a prize: 1st place: 1,400 €, 2nd place: 700 €, 3rd place: 300 €, 4th place: 100 €; 5th to 8th place: 50 € City-Galerie voucher.

Audience from all over the world
On two tournament days, the girls will let the balls roll. A total of eight matches of about one hour each will be played. The winner will be determined in a simple knockout system. However, the event does not only captivate the regional audience on site. The internet channel of the German Olympic Sports Confederation "Sportdeutschland.TV" will broadcast the Siegen competitions via live stream to the whole world.

Phenomenal tricks and masterful presentation
Another highlight will be Ralph Eckert's trick show. The former trick kicking world champion and top coach will enchant the audience in the City-Galerie with breathtaking trick kicks by seemingly suspending the laws of physics. With expert, understandable explanations and live commentary on the matches, a professional presenter will also capture the attention of the spectators. Even billiards laymen can understand the course of the game and follow the individual moves. The matches will be played on the professional tournament billiards table "Dynamic III", the choice of the billiards elite at top European tournaments, sponsored by Dynamic Billiards.
"We are proud to support the billiard talents. It is a great pleasure for us to be part of the success of this event by sponsoring it," Dennis Conze concludes about the CONZE Cup 2020.