Development of a software for touchless switching of a monitor-layout in operating rooms using hand gestures and voice commands.

EIZO OR Monitor

  • EIZO Corporation is an established manufacturer of computer monitors and graphics cards
  • We developed for EIZO a Windows based prototype software for contactless switching of a monitor layout in operating rooms using hand gestures and voice commands for an operating room monitor that is used worldwide
  • Integration of a Kinect v2 sensor, which allows operation even from a distance of several meters
  • Presentation of the first functional prototype at MEDICA in Düsseldorf 2015


  • Real-time processing of the gesture recognition algorithm with the Kinect V2 sensor, gesture control from a distance of up to 5 metres for up to 6 people possible
  • Touchless control via hand gestures (left/right) and voice commands
  • Integration of the Microsoft speech recognition API
  • Switching between different video sources
  • 24/7 operation with low CPU/RAM utilisation


  • C# / .NET 4.5 for Microsoft Windows 8
  • Microsoft Kinect v2 hardware and SDK
  • Microsoft speech SDK


  • 1 Software Architect (.NET)
  • 1 UI-Developer (C#)


EIZO Europe GmbH

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