Graphical user interface implemen­­tation

The CONZE Informatik GmbH is specialist for user interface engineering and develops cross-platform user interfaces (GUIs) of sophisticated devices, software systems and cloud services for customers in medical technology & healthcare, industrial sector and automotive.

User interfaces must do more than just look good. Our multidisciplinary team knows what is important when complex hardware is controlled by software. It is also characterized by its deep knowledge in the efficient integration of cloud services (Azure, AWS or GCP) and always keeps the focus on realistic feasibility, highest performance and robustness of the application.

We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2021 as well as DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and implement software according to IEC 62304 and IEC 62366.


Ergonomics can be a major asset in gaining marketshare. But what good is an intuitive interface, if it is difficult to implement? We focus our development efforts on communicating efficiently and using agile methods to meet the needs of our customers. This allows us to keep product development and GUI design in the forefront.

With CONZE you can focus on your core business: the further development of your product and its software. You do not need to build up capacities for technical integration. We take care of that for you.


As the digital workbench of the HMI department, we are responsible for the concrete implementation of usability concepts and visual designs in the project. To do this we implement the UI/UX concepts of the usability experts in a professional Graphical User Interface (GUI) as a component of the customer's software.

We always keep an eye on the technical feasibility of the visual design, with the greatest possible range of functions, the highest performance, robust stability and at the same time fluid usability of the software.


For Software Engineering, we conceptualize the architecture of applications and implement all necessary software components - from the business logic to the User Interface (GUI). In addition to agile, customer-oriented processes, our strength lies in the seamless integration with existing software architecture.

Our core competencies include the following technologies: C++, C#, .NET Framework/Core, .NET MAUI, WIN UI, MFC, WPF, UWP as well as Qt, ASP.NET Core, wxWidgets, Electron, Angular, React Native, Flutter using CI/CD tools such as Build Server and Docker Container.



With many years of experience, we provide you with competent support in product development.

Our portfolio ranges from 3D CAD / CAM systems in dental reconstruction to embedded software for ventilators in clinical applications.


We offer you individual software and IoT solutions.

On the way to the Smart Factory, we accompany you with future-oriented software and modern cloud services for the digitalization of your work processes.


In the future, we will develop Next Generation HMI solutions.

With our expertise in GUI development of highly robust and fluid user interfaces in critical systems, we aim to help improve the user experience in upcoming generations of vehicles.

We are hiring!


Clear project goals
We dig deep to understand your requirements correctly. The better we understand you, the more exactly our result corresponds to your idea.
Certified quality
Our quality management system has been certified since 2016. This gives you the assurance that the way we work meets the highest quality standards.
Agile development
Continuous Integration processes ensure that you always have the latest development status of your software. And that fully automatically.
Test Driven Development
You don't like unpleasant surprises? Neither do we. That's why we regularly test the development status and involve you. This way you experience your software from the very beginning.
Efficient project management
Not every project can be completed exclusively using agile methods or the waterfall model. Therefore, we prefer to take the best of both worlds and tailor the processes individually to your project.
Short time-to-market
Fast availability of your product on the market; you concentrate on your core competencies - we concentrate on your software development. We scale the developer teams optimally according to budget and resource availability.